Posted by: Jeanie F | September 7, 2010

And the Winner Is . . .

The Kindle 3

My decision was based on:

  1. Smaller, lighter size than the iPad – better for travel AND for reading in bed
  2. Cheaper – and, for me, the other wonders of the iPad are not of particular interest
  3. Easier to read in sunlight, which is very important to me
  4. No backlight, less eye strain
  5. My husband’s Kindle 1 is starting to fade – he can take over my Kindle 2, which I recently replaced after dropping my old one

Now I just have to wait for it to arrive. Don’t have a delivery date yet . . .

Thanks to all of you who provided your input!

If you’re on the fence as I was, there’s a great explanation of the changes Amazon made to the latest Kindle at

Update 11/19/10:

 I just read one more reason to get a Kindle – something I would never have thought of. A reader on the Facebook Kindle page posted this:

“As a “survivor” of the Carnival Splendor “cruise to nowhere” I’d like to thank you for making the Kindle, which really helped turn my “nightmare” trip into a pleasure. While other passengers were haplessly “dead in the water” due to the dead batteries on their iPads, my Kindle easily lasted the entire trip even though I used it nearly all day, every day. I was able to relax comfortably topside, reading in the bright sun and enjoy my unexpected extended stay in the middle of the pacific ocean while reading a large “stack” of books which were loaded on my ultra-thin and light Kindle.”

– Vaughn R

So, it may not last if  I’m stranded on a desert island, but if I’m ever stranded on a cruise ship, I’m in business!


  1. Sigh on my wish list too!

    • I love it! Good luck on getting yours.Thanks for stopping by!

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