Posted by: Jeanie F | May 24, 2010

Hot Men Reading

On May 7 one of my favorite bloggers, The Reading Ape, responded to a post written by Jason Pinter for The Huffington Post regarding gender and reading habits. The Ape asked,”Is it really so bad that women like to read more than men?”

Fortunately Alli Rense, also writing for The Huffington Post, has answered that question with a resounding “YES!”, backed up by hard evidence, in today’s post titled “Hot Guys Reading Books“. The evidence is none other than – you got it! – photos of hot guys reading books. Rense agrees that few men read and – inadvertently answering The Ape’s question – that’s a shame because, as Rense points out, “it’s super sexy when a man picks up a book and reads.”

Don’t take my word for it – here’s evidence from her post:

You’ll have to go directly to The Huffington Post to see the rest of her compelling data – it’s worth the trip!!


  1. I am so with you. I love seeing men read. Super sexy

    • Me, too! In fact, it’s what initially attracted me to my husband. We met at a party and discovered we had the same favorite author (in 1985, that was John Irving). Twenty-five years later, our favorite Sunday afternoon is still to take our books to the beach or to a park and spend the afternoon reading. And he STILL looks super sexy to me – even his little bald spot! 🙂

  2. I love this post!!! I actually recently started collecting art of girls reading, looks like I may have to expand my search ;-).

  3. I suppose, from this point of view, that the relative paucity of reading males is only to the good for those y-chromosomers who actually do read.

    Who knew?

    • Skip, I consider my charge on this blog to educate the public. Now that you know, take that book out in public at all times!

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