Posted by: Jeanie F | January 3, 2010

GoodReads or LibraryThing?

Thanks to those of you who sent so many great ideas about how to keep track of my TBR list. The winner seems to be either GoodReads or LibraryThing. Currently I use both, but this is not really efficient. All I do is keep track of the books I’ve read. I need to do more exploring about other options in both sites.

Do you have an opinion? Which has the best features? If you use one or the other, is there a reason why you chose the one you use?


  1. I use both as well, but goodreads is winning out for me. You can store an unlimited amount of books on goodreads and unless you subscribe to librarything, you are limited to 200 books. Free always wins with me.

    • That’s good to know – I didn’t realize that GT had a limit!

  2. I use LibraryThing. I like it because it is contently getting better and the organization listens to its users. I like the features it has. I realize it is not free once you reach the 200 book limit, however, the $25 for a lifetime membership seems cheap to me for the service it provides.

  3. I love GoodReads. The blogging ease it provides me with is great and I love the giveaways and communities it provides, in addition to the unlimited amount of books you can add.

  4. I love LibraryThing, I didn’t realise the fee but if its a one time for lifetime that is perfect still.

    You can look at mine if you like

    I categorise in what I own which is under Library, on my Kindle or available on Kindle, Wishlist etc, I like that you can create categories and I also love the comment section. I now keep the recommendations from bloggers there so I comment on their page when I read the book.

    This a decision I made also, thought blogging was the answer, nope it increased my TBR list by 80% easy, lol

  5. I use Shelfari and absolutely love it. It has great groups that I’ve gotten involved in. I like the way Shelfari looks better than Good Reads (although I don’t know if the functionality is better on Good Reads). It keeps track of what you are reading, your TBR list, and what you’ve read. It also has different sorting features. I also use an Excel spreadsheet with the Year, Book Number(1,2,3..50), Author, Title Name, Date Started, Date Finished, Number of Pages, and Rating.

    I would say to sign up for Good Reads and Shelfari and see which one you like better. I would also recommend doing a spreadsheet in case you want to publish your list on your blog (as a backup–lost my blog entry with mine and was able to redo it off of Shelfari and my Excel spreadsheet).

    Hope that helps you out!

    • I’ll look into Shelfari. I’ve heard of it, but haven’t ever used it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. I use an excel spreadsheet…hahah and then I send it to my iphone and when I go on bookbuying trips I break it out and see what I own/read.

  7. I use Goodreads more so than Librarything, but I’m sort of in the both limbo as well. I’d be interested to hear which you end up choosing.

  8. Definitely LibraryThing. I’ve been a member since 2006. Best $25 I’ve ever spent. I like the many nooks and crannies of LibraryThing. I also like being part of its development as TPTB seek input from LibraryThing members as they continue to develop the website.

    • I agree – Library Thing has some great features. Recently, however, I suddenly lost all the books I had added to it – they just disappeared. Have you ever had that happen? I’ve been slowly restoring them, but it’s hard to go back and recreate my list!

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